Hannah Lemley - Nightmare Artist 

I was told once to paint the pretty, so I began to paint the pretty scary.

Perhaps it was being born with my suitcase already packed, or the elephant brain I was gifted with from a young age, maybe it was my irrational fears that haunted my sleep, or the constant need to explore that made me rebel against what is the typical beautiful.


Watching my father paint the most amazing sceneries with oil on his easel from the beginning of my life triggered the need to also create. My first painting was my dog as an angel, I was six.


My pieces slowly became surreal like the dreams I endured as a child. I can remember my first bad dream in my purple bedroom, with a window that faced the forest of our farm. From shark attacks to bizarre creatures, my night terrors were of the most frightening nature.


Never sitting through real art class, I doodled my way through school. Never "outting" my art to my peers in the tiny town of Wrightwood where I spent most of my adolescents attempting to find myself.


My hobby wanted to escape from my own walls to a first failed attempt at a business I called Evollove. A snowboard company that was uniquely designed by hand, but as time progress it became a hassle so down it went.


I carried out a dream of traveling, attempting different careers, and exploring myself before meeting the right person at the right time. I believe people become a piece of your story, and this individual led me to publicize my artwork. "My biggest fan," pushed me to paint who I was, and in March of 2017, Nightmare Artistry was born.




The Dark Tarot Card


Mountain High Mural




Nightmare on Volga Dr


Art Conception, Los Angeles


That DAMNED Show, Detroit


Tiny Terror, The Dark Art Emporium, Long Beach


Art Walk, Anaheim

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